Important Notice

The Claverack Historical Society (CHS) has been struggling and yet the history of Claverack is certainly significant enough and the need for a space to develop opportunities to teach and promote the history of the town important enough that the organization is worth holding on to. The pandemic really damaged the fledgling organization, but the work of the group should push through, and most believe that it’s undisputed, while we have wonderful County historical society, towns benefit from historical outlets at the local level serving local needs.

The organization has come so far. It has an interim charter with the NYS Department of Education which may become permanent after 5 years of continued functioning and it provides the basis to preserve and collect artifacts for the town. CHS has a small but fine collection of artifacts and documents that are temporarily housed through the gracious generosity of the Claverack Library History Room, awaiting a permanent location where they can be exhibited.

An immediate matter at hand is that President Sean Jennings has indicated that he can no longer serve as the president. Ms. Kara Keeler is the Vice President, and according to the by-laws, Kara will fill the role next. But volunteers are desperately needed to serve on the board and as members of the organization! The organization needs to climb past the pandemic and help is needed to do that. Can our Claverack history enthusiasts support this effort please? To be a member or volunteer, one doesn’t need to live in Claverack. Remember Ghent, Craryville, Harlemville, Hillsdale, Hudson, Greenport were all Claverack first! For information, please call or email Jeane LaPorta, Historian, at 518-755-3411 or

Claverack College Uniform of Friend Michael

The photo is of the family of Friend Michael, Student Claverack College, whose uniform was donated to the Claverack Historical Society. The uniform jacket is shown in this photo. The jacket is navy and gold color, wool, cotton lining, of a fitted style with tails and brass buttons. It is in excellent condition for its age with some slight damage due to wear and possibly insects at one time. The jacket would benefit from evaluation by a textile conservator. It is stored in recommended archival acid free environment.

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